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Amendments to the following articles of the zoning ordinance have been adopted:

Article 1 - Introduction and Applicability

Article 3 - General Use & Operating Provisions

Article 5 - Zoning Districts, Maps and Requirements

Article 6 - Single Family Residential Districts (R-1 - R-4)

Article 7 - Multiple Family Residential

Article 8 - Senior Housing District

Article 9 - Public Recreation and Open Space District

Article 10 - Office Service District

Article 11 - Northville Road Mixed Use District

Article 12 - Local Business District (B-1)

Article 13 - General Business District (B-3)

Article 14 - Commercial Recreation District (CR)

Article 15 - Office, Research and Technology District (ORT)

Article 16 - Industrial District (I)

Article 17 - Consumer Industrial District (CI)

Article 18 - Schedule of Regulations

Article 20 - Development Options

Article 21 - Lighting Standards

Article 22 - Nonconforming Uses, Buildings and Structures

Article 23 - Tree and Woodlands Replacement

Article 24 - Landscape Standards

Article 25 - Use specific standards

Article 26 - Off-Street Parking and Loading

Article 27 - Access Management

Article 28 - Private Roads

Article 30 - Special Land use Standards and Procedures

Article 32 - Impact Assessment

Article 33 - Site Plan Review

Article 34 - Land Division, Combination or Reconfiguration

Article 35 - Site Condominiums

Article 37 - Temporary Uses, Events, Structures and Buildings

Article 40 - Administration

Article 41 - Zoning Board of Appeals

Article 42 - Building Permits

Article 43 - Amendments

Article 44 - Definitions

Table of Land Uses 

Amendments to the following chapters of the Code of Ordinances have been adopted:

Chapter 77 - Fences

97-1 & 67-34 - Hunting & Weapons

53-9(F) - Animal General Regulations

67-31 - Domestic Violence

Zoning District uses in table format

Chapter 133-11 - Peddling Soliciting Update

Chapter 79 Fire Prevention Amendments

Fireworks 67-42

Cross Connection Control Ordinance Amendment 2021

Zoning Ordinance / Map

The Zoning Ordinance contains various regulations relative to land development within the Township and is crafted to regulate the intensity of land development, to ensure compatibility among land uses and to promote orderly and consistent development practices. A companion to the zoning ordinance, the zoning map, divides the Township into residential and non-residential zoning districts. Each district lists permitted and special uses.

In addition, the zoning ordinance contains various regulations to promote health, safety and enhance the visual characteristics of the community such as landscaping, woodland replacement, lighting, driveway spacing, setbacks and parking requirements.

Sign Ordinance

The sign ordinance establishes standards regarding size, placement, construction materials and illumination for signs along roadway corridors within the township. The sign district map is available by clicking the link below. The intent of the sign standards is to provide advertising opportunities while at the same time creating signs that are consistent and harmonious with their surroundings.

The sign ordinance is contained within the Township’s Code of Ordinances.

Sign Districts Map