BoT Approves Phase One of Trail Development

BoT Approves Phase One of Trail Development

Board Approves Phase One of Seven Mile Property Trail Development
Posted on 04/18/2019
Seven MileTonight at the Board of Trustees meeting, the Trustees approved a plan for implementing hiking and biking trails on the eastern end of the Seven Mile Property, former home of the Northville Psychiatric Hospital, which was purchased in 2009. The Seven Mile Planning Committee first presented the plan for biking/hiking trails on the Seven Mile property at the March 21, 2019 Board of Trustees meeting.

The 50 acres at the eastern end of the property were acquired through a grant from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust fund in 2009 and a Master Plan of the property was developed in 2012, which called for the creation of park trails on a portion on the property. The eastern end of the parcel is bordered on the west by a chain link fence that separates it from the rest of the property. On the north, it is bordered by the University of Michigan building. Hawthorne Center is located to the east. The southern border abuts Ward Church and multiple homes in the Northville Trails subdivision.

Approval means that the Township will move forward to develop separate hiking and biking trails on the eastern end of the property. A partnership with the Motor City Mountain Biking Association (MCMBA) will begin after a memorandum of agreement between the two parties. The MCMBA is a 501.c.3 organization that was formed in 1990. Its members have built and maintain approximately 93 miles of trails in Wayne and Oakland Counties, including trails at Maybury Park, Hines Park, Island Lake Recreation/Kensington Park, and Lakeshore Park in Novi.

The MCMBA would bring expertise, equipment, volunteers, materials, insurance coverage, and some funds to the project. Further, there would be a commitment by MCMBA to ongoing maintenance of the trails. Many of their current trails are shared by mountain bikers and hikers. but the Township’s plan is that that hikers have an option for pedestrian only trails. In initial discussions with the MCMBA, they have indicated a willingness to assist in the building of separate hiking trails.

The MCMBA also provides signage for its trails. The trail plan and signage would both be approved by Northville Township prior to construction.

Supervisor Nix stated that he is “pleased that the major demolition to date will provide the Township with an opportunity to begin developing the non-contaminated areas into biking and walking pathways for our residents”.

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