Update on Ridgewood Air-Quality Monitoring

Update on Ridgewood Air-Quality Monitoring

Update on Ridgewood Elementary Air-Quality Monitoring Station
Posted on 03/27/2020

The EPA Final Order dated September 30, 2019 required Advance Disposal Systems (ADS)to install an air quality monitoring system at Ridgewood Elementary as requested by Northville Township on behalf of its residents. Progress is being made by Advanced Disposal Systems (ADS) and the Northville School District in installing the system.

The following is an update the Township received from ADS:

“Working in coordination with the Northville School District, Advanced Disposal and district leaders are making good progress toward bringing the new Ridgewood Elementary air-quality monitoring station online.

Monitoring equipment (data logger, cell modem, hydrogen sulfide monitor) has been delivered to Advanced Disposal and pretested for installation. A protective shelter housing has been ordered to enclose equipment.

  • Advanced Disposal and the Northville School District have recently ironed out most components of an access agreement that includes site layout and addresses additional school district comments and other details. We are awaiting any additional edits/changes in order to finalize the document, which then will allow site work to begin, including: prep and grade, install a cement pad on which the shelter housing and monitoring equipment will be placed, electric power installation, shelter housing and monitoring  equipment installations. 

  • Additional steps in the works for  bringing the Ridgewood monitoring  station online include: approval from DTE Energy to install a power line (underground) to the site; local permits (or waivers) for the cement platform pad, protective fencing and meeting storm water management requirements. 

  • We anticipate monitoring to begin late April – early May, though factors beyond Advanced’s control, e.g. shelter-in-place restrictions associated with COVID-19,may impact vendor work. We will do our best to work though these circumstances. “

We are hopeful that the system will be operational by the time school resumes for students and will continue to provide updates to our residents.