Mentoring has been a major part of NYA’s programming since 1989. Volunteer mentors are matched one-on-one with a child in the community for the purpose of modeling responsible behavior and providing a listening ear. Children are referred to the mentoring program by parents, teachers and school social workers. Mentors meet weekly with their assigned youth for up to one year. More than 200 children have been matched with mentors since the program’s inception.

Northville Mentor Training:

For more information or to volunteer, please call Northville Youth Assistance Director Amy Prevo at (248) 344-1618.

An hour a week – a lifetime of change.
Become a mentor.

It only takes an hour a week to be that one person who can change everything for a child.

  • A mentor is a friend who doesn’t judge.
  • A mentor is a person who listens and understands.
  • A mentor is a role model who teaches responsibility.
  • A mentor is someone to do things with.
  • A mentor is a person who helps a child find a spark and follow his or her dream.

The reward? Knowing you’ve helped a young person live up to his or her potential. More than 96% of mentors say they’d recommend becoming a mentor to a friend.

Northville Youth Assistance has been matching local children with mentors for more than 15 years. A recent increase in requests for mentors has prompted a call for volunteers.

Volunteer mentors participate in a training program, then they are matched with a Northville child between the ages of 5 and 16 and asked to spend an hour or so a week with the child, becoming a trusted friend and having fun together.

Anyone who is interested in volunteering should contact Amy Prevo at 248-344-1618.