Seven Mile Road Property

Seven Mile Road Property

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A message from the Township Board of Trustees

As a result of a successful millage election in 2009, Northville Township acquired nearly 350 acres surrounding the former Northville Psychiatric Hospital for a Park and the preservation of additional open space in the township. The resources realized from the salvage efforts on the property enabled the Township, through a competitive interview process, to hire expert consultants to assist in the development of a Master Plan for the property.

During the yearlong master plan process, the consultant developed several plans that were presented to the Township and posted on the Township’s website for public review and comment. Public input was sought through the use of citizen volunteer committees, focus groups, public hearings, surveys and classroom exercises at the Northville Public Schools. Based on this input, the various plans were consolidated into a final plan which was accompanied by phasing recommendations, costs estimates, and potential funding sources to develop portions of the plan.

The Master Plan represents the process-driven interpretation of the collective vision of the residents for the property. On January 26, 2012 the plan was presented to, and adopted by, the Township Board of Trustees. By adopting the plan, the Township seeks to provide a road map for the development and enjoyment of this property and provide a living document that can be modified as required. In addition, adopting the Master Plan represents a fundamentally necessary step in applying for state and federal grants which will help fund the Park’s development.

The next step towards the realization of the goals for this property is to develop a “Priority List” for the Park. It should be noted that while the plan itself has been “adopted”, individual features suggested by the Master Plan as it is currently presented may or may not be ultimately included. As a “living document” the Master Plan gives consideration to the desires and wishes of future boards and more importantly, to the citizenry served. Residents will be continually engaged to assess whether what was thought to be a viable Park feature in 2012 remains a desired and needed amenity at such time when the amenity in question makes its way to the top of the Priority List for the Park. Incorporating various types of trails such as walking, running, and biking was the number one feature of survey respondents and residents can be assured that these trails will command the top spot on the priority list as we move forward.

Thank you to all of the residents and focus groups who volunteered the time to contribute in any one of several different ways to help bring us to this point. Please stay tuned to the website for further updates on information and ways in which you can be involved and remain active in guiding the development of this park!


Robert R. Nix II, Supervisor
Sue A. Hillebrand, Clerk
Marjorie F. Banner, Treasurer
Richard Allen, Trustee
Symantha Heath, Trustee
Mindy Herrmann, Trustee
Fred Shadko, Trustee