Household Hazardous Waste Collection (HHW)

Household Hazardous Waste Collection (HHW)

Wayne County Household Hazardous Waste Program

The 2020 HHW Dates will be released in the spring of 2020.  Please check back for updates!

Should you have any questions, please contact John Demerjian at 734-326-3936 or 

Need to dispose of your Household Hazardous Waste now?  

ERG Environmental Services in Livonia (13040 Merriman Road Suite 200) has a drop-off location.

Monday - Friday 
9am - 4pm

$0.75 per pound/$20 minimum

They will unload your vehicle for you!

ERG Environmental Flyer 

In the past, the Township has participated with the City of Livonia and City of Northville's HHW events. We DID NOT be partner with them in 2019. Northville Township residents WERE NOT be able to take items to those two events. 

We realized at the end of 2018 that the Township was paying $35 a car to participate with the City of Northville and Livonia events and it was going to increase in price in 2019. In 2018, we had a total of 1,066 cars combined at both events Unfortunately, it was not viable for us to continue to partner for this event, with less than 9% of our residents utilizing the service, the cost of $36,000 was too high. We are partnering with Wayne County at no cost.

Only household generated products from Wayne County residents will be accepted.
Items that will not be accepted include: commercial waste, industrial waste, radioactive material, explosives, ammunition, 55 gallon drums, household trash, refrigerators, microwaves or other appliances, tires, yard waste, roofing shingles, & concrete. For information on how to dispose of these items, please contact the Wayne County Resource Recovery Coordinator at 734-326-3936.

*Latex paint can be treated so that it can be discarded on your regular trash day. Simply add some kitty litter to the leftover paint, stir with a paint stir stick and store uncovered in a safe place. After several days the paint will harden. Put the cans of hardened paint inside a trash bag along with the lids.

Need to dispose of old medications?

Bring your unwanted medication - no liquids, needles or injectable medication - to the secure drop box in the lobby at the Northville Township Police Department at 41600 Six Mile Rd.